Tuesday, September 30, 2008

berlalulah sudah ramadhan..

hye dear bloggie.. today is da last day of fasting.. u noe.. tym really passed pretty fast tho.. even juz now wif out i realized i asked mummy "mum, hari ni solat tarawikh kat surau x?" then she replied "no more tarawikh dah yana. esok kan raye?" huhu.. u noe wut dear bloggie, i dun think iv maximized my 30-ramadhan-day wif ibadah 2 d Almighty. u noe.. especially when i was at home compared to kms. da condition especially. it's really different tho.. at kms, i haf fwenz 2 go 2 surau AL-Furqan 2getha.. wif my room8, adibah especially.. (kinda miss u dba!).. while at home, surau is a lil far that we hafta get in2 car 2 go there.. n since tarawikh is juz sunat, i performed it at home wif out jemaah.. owh.. i really wish ramadhan wud b longer.. so that i cud perform more solat sunat, qiamullail n even recite Al-Quran more.. u noe bloggie, i merely performed quamullail once. ONCE only.. man.. how surah Al-Asr reminds me of da precious of time..

Surah 103 Al-'Asr (Time)

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Wal 'AsrInnal insaana lafee khusr

Illal ladhenna aamannu

Wa 'amilus saalihaati wa tawaasau bilhaqq

Wa tawaasau bis sabr

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Time is witness that, surely, mankind suffers loss,

except for those of faith,Who do good,

and become a model of truthful living,

and together practice patience and constancy.

Ya Allah.. i dun haf any idea how sad i feel ryte now.. if i cud turn bak tym.. insyaAllah i'll perform more solat.. more qiamulail.. n more Al-Quran recitation.. really wanna be a better muslimah.. but somehow i realize that this isn't syaitan's fault.. it's bcoz of me, myself, n i..

wif diz, i haf a determination 2 achieve more next ramadhan (insyaAllah if my lyf is prolonged by Allah) n i wanna b a better muslimah from day to day.. insyaAllah..

for u guys out there who read diz blog, i hope together, we achieve more~
insya Allah..

when thinking of raya 2mro, pity dad n abg hafiz.. they'r not gonna celebra8 raya wif us ere in gombak since both in sabah.. waaaaaaaaaaaaa... miss u guys especially abgku cyg!!!~~ 4 dad, make sure u bank in duit raya ayte!! =p kddg~ huhu.. really feel sumthg's missing ere wif out both of u.. T.T

misz u guys a looooooooooottttttttttttttttt~~~~

to all my fellow fwenz, i wish u


MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN (i really mean it)

a humble person,

Monday, September 29, 2008

waaaaa T.T sobsob..

OMG~~ u noe wut? since im still green in diz blogging thingy, i dunno exactly how to change my template, layout n all those stuffs.. i juz gave a try juz now n all da gadgets dat iv saved had been deleted!! waaaaa... it's including mp3 player, jokes, clocks, frenz' list n everything man! diz really freak me out tho.. luckily diz blog has a recovery for my posts but somehow all da gadgets were broken!! argh! (T.T) n it took me hours to install em bak. huahuahua.. wut a pathetic. haih~~~~ but afterall, i managed to install em bak (of corz afta sitting in fron of da pc 4 hours babe!!) huhu.. really dunwana change anything afta diz! tobat dah~~~

poor gurl,
liyana (T.T)

want some 'samprit' guys?

hye my bloggie pie~ gez wut? i baked biscuit samprit today~~ (i dunno whetha i spelt it correctly or not..huhu) well, act im in da mood of ironing my baju raya n tidy up my room (bravo yana!!), but suddenly mum wakie2 me up b4 she went 2 work n asked me 2 bake diz samprit thingy, which i found 2b lazy at da 1st place but somewhere n somehow it turned out d otha way round. it was fun!!!! juz like playin doh (u noe diz plasticine dat's bein commercialize in da tv ryte?) ok. stop crappin yana. bak 2 ur story~

ok2. haha. then i followed mummy in da kitchen n we prepared da doh togetha. act she juz gave me d instructions on how 2 do it... but... huhu.. i didnt dare 2 prepare it on my own since im not so confidence bout da ratio. so, mum prepared da doh (as usual) n i heated up d gas oven n prepared d cherries. u noe wut dear bloggie, baking diz samprit biscuit is wayyyyyyy easier than makmur biscuits! seriously. diz biscuit is much more enjoyable 2 do (even i was smiling while doin it coz i really thot it's cute.. doesnt sound creepy ayte?) hehe. i think it's very simple tho. not as tidious as makmur since makmur has several steps 2 make it done =) how bout d ingredients? (really sounds like a chef do i? =p) well, u juz need da flour, planta n 2 yolks 4 da doh n merely cherries 2 top it on da surface =) n owh anotha 1. da fundamental part: samprit punye acuan of corz! okie dokie! dats it. off u go~~~

here goes the steps:

1. prepare da doh (flour+planta+yolk egg)

2. dont 4get da cherries ayte

3. squize it out~~ diz is da best part!!!!

4. put a piece of cherry on da top

5. in da oven dear biscuits~~

6. leave it cool 1st then arrange em in a container

7. tadaaaaa~~~~~~~~~ done!! =)

easy ayte? i really think diz traditional samprit biscuits is among da must-haf-biscuit in every house since i'll meet em whereva i go tho.. it's kinda 'compulsory' having diz biscuits during raya. (really?? juz a m8r of my opinion) u noe.. coz every year, my mum n granma in KL will bake diz biscuits n i'll eat em every raya =) n wif an honour, i baked it 2day (^.^) yay!! i had a great tym baking samprit biscuits especially da squezing part. juz like playin plasticine =p hehe, n i got it done in juz aprox an hour wif da help of baby, my youngest sys putting da cherries on da top of my biscuits. thanx sweety! =)

so biscuits!! u better taste delicious ayte!!

proud of baking anotha 'biskut raya',

*liyana* wink2~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

mentor men-T ~

hye! i juz simply wanna recall my memories on thursday 25th of september, a day before raya break! all mentees of puan rahimah got a dedication biscuit raya each!! haha. actualy a day before dat, all mentees of my lovely biology teacher got biscuit raya dat she bought especially 4 em. dey really had a great tym showing em up tho =p then when it came to our turn, we took a revenge by showing off 2 em. sorry guys~ hehe! basically, our classmates are merely 14 n turn up 2 split into 2 groups of people wif a mentor each; puan rahimah and puan fouziah, which happens to be our business and biology teachers. we really felt quite sad at da 1st place (OMG~ i supposely not to reveal da truth ere) but as da saying goes, every cloud has its silver lining ayte? eventually, we also got our biskut raya dedication. yay!! it doesnt mean dat choc almond cookies given 2 us by kms isnt enuf.. juz dat we really wanna haf sumthg special too b4 headed bak home (ngade2 x?) =p so.. here's some pics of our last memories (last but not least) before our raya break =)

~enna,qila,me n husna showing off our dedication biscuit raya =p

p/s: sorry hilmi~ ur not in da pic.. huhu

~rose n me ; the representatives of menT puan foziah wif her cookies left 4 majod =p n puan rahimah - thanx ckg 4 diz lovely dedication ^.^

~ wif my gala gurlz; me, rose n enna =)

gonna miss u guys!!~~~~

selamat hari raya

maaf zahir batin

a BT31 member,

LiYaNa (^.~)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

baking cookies 4 raya~

hye! today is da most exciting day ever since diz 2nd day of my raya break. n y is dat? i baked 'biskut makmur'!!~~ early in da morning, aprox 8.30am. my 9-y-o bro wakie2 me up said mummy called me downstairs. hehe.. thanx an 4 wakie ur sys up from her sleeping beauty =p i rushed downstairs and gez wut?? our kitchen table already loaded wif ingredients 2 bake biskut makmur. to those who dun haf any idea of wut diz cookie is, it's actually a brownish yellow cookie wif crushed nuts inside and is coated wif icing sugar outside =) this is mummy's most fav cookies for raya n also goes 2 all my fam members. (n also my guardian..hehe)

mum's da 1 who prepared da ingredient and made da doh and everything (of corz i helped her since i was standing beside her) before she went for a facial treatment and full body massage; and leave me alone settled everything!! (poor me.. huhu) but nevamind! im really into a mood of baking anyways! i did da same thg 2 last year. (mummy~ u sure hafta keep ur promise bring me 2 spa 2moro ayte!!) yay!! now juz me n da cookies-to-be!! u noe wut? i took 6 hours to finish this up tao!! so cookies! u better be delicious to be eaten ayte!!~~

since im a lil bit expert in baking diz cookies, let me telya wut u need. it's very simple. u juz need flour, white egg, crushed nuts, planta, gee, and icing sugar! first n foremost, prepare da doh. i saw mum heated up some planta and poured it into da flour. then juz mix em togetha! u'll get da doh tho. haha. next, for da crushed nuts, add in some white egg and some icing sugar inside. alryte! lets get da doh in shape!! all da way preparing da doh b4 mum went out, she kept on remindng me "yana, make sure buat comel2. kecik2 je. jgn buat besar2 sgt. buat mcm mummy ni" wif her hands 'demo' a ball of doh wif crushed nuts inside. oh dear~ "sure mum. no worries!" huhu. hey. i did wut exactly she demanded okay?? even my granma said "amboi comeynye. bulat2. tapi awat che' buat kecik2?" c?? then i replied wif humble "thanx bah. mummy suro buat kecik2 n comel2.." hehe!! then An, my 9-y-o bro came 2 me again n asked "kakak! buat lah besar2!! tak puas makan kecik2". so, i decided 2 make 2 versions - a small n cute2 1s 4 raya n a big2 n fat2 1s 4 my fam members 2 eat!! hehe!! dat rox~

here goes da steps of baking makmur cookies:~
  • make it in small2 n cute2 bulat2 shape ( diz took a lot of my time for even to finish up a tray since i was working quite sluggish.. huhu)

~cute isn't it?

  • put it in the gas oven (here u go~ no rentung2 ayte dear cookies!! u noe, while doin diz, mum's instruction saying " yana, make sure juz leave it in da oven 4 20 minutes n check da cookies. if xmasak lg, biar lagi 5 minutes kay?" flying over in my mind ~ok mummy~ )
    in u go~~

  • leave it cold 1st b4 'shower em wif snow flakes!"

  • da best part!! 'guling2' em in icing sugar..

  • keep em in container.. tadaaaaaa~~~ done!! ready 2b served~ (n also eaten ryte afta berbuka too.. huhu.. n also for guests during hari raya! boy.. those people who eat this must be lucky to taste my hand-work.. =p dunno how it taste but i really think it wud taste marvellously delicious ^.~ )

it took 6 hours to make it done!!~~ juz imagine lyk i were in kms having class from 9am to 3pm.. haih~ but after all, it's worth it!! yay!! i contributed biskut makmur for raya cookies' collection diz year~ hehe!! if u wanna taste it, come n get it!! =)

think enuf already of me talkin bout diz cookies. sure thg is.. i cant wait to taste it ryte afta breaking fast! okie dokie dear blog.. i hafta go.. already 6pm. hafta help mummy cooking for berbuka~

wif satisfaction and happy2 feelins,

liyana =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

amusing malcolm =)

apparently im watching malcolm in the middle. diz comedy centres a hectic life of a family and wut else should i say.. maybe a family wif agitated parent (louis) wif her husband (hal) raising 4 'devil' sons which are francis, reeze, malcolm (well, in the middle of the 4-sibling - dats y da title is like dat) and dowee. diz comedy really haf da power 2 make u laugh until ur lungs out!! i really love da eldest bro, francis. despite he's a fetching guy, he's really a dumb guy which makes da story funny n crazier to watch. haha. even though this series already started way couple of years ago, some how, i juz realized it 2 weeks ago. n thanx to my room8, dba 4 triggering me to watch diz cute family comedy series. hehe =p malcolm is the brainy guy- gifted wif superb brilliant high IQ at his age. but i dunno y.. even tho he's da main character ere, 2 me, he doesn't play da greatest part in attracting my attention 2 watch =p but sumhow, i really wish i cud b as brilliant as him.. so dat life wud b easier~~ haha. but alhamdulillah.. im grateful 4 wut Allah has granted me so far =) dowee is da cutest thing in diz comedy series. seriously! cant get my eyes out of diz lil adorable naughty boy tho.. huhu. but i certainly sure that i dun wana haf a lil bro lyk diz boy. n telya wut?? i'v finished 1st season in only 3 days and 2nd season 4 merely 2 days man! hihi~ told u.. it's a fantastic comedy 2 watch =) n now i'm watching 3rd season's. hey!! lets watch together! i'm not sure whetha diz comedy is still showed on astro or not. sure thing is, da 1st season's series is da cutest ever coz all of em r still small n kinda innocent. but they haf grown up into teens now. not cute nemore tho but more macho~~ still, i enjoy watching diz mirthful story! =) da most fav part is it's song. haha. well, to me, it really shows how da kids express their feelings towards their parents. =p especially da part "ur not the boss of me now". c? even da song is risible! ok. i think there's n point talking a lot bout this series. u ought to watch it 4 ur own self tho! u'll neva regret ;D here goes a pic of em..

malcolm rox!~

my 1st blog~

hye there my friends who already in this blogger or haven't start blogging yet. what can i say? im already joined in blogger! i find it pretty exciting that i finally haf a blog. watching my fwens wif their blogs really attract me to haf 1 tho. especially from my gala, rose. but hey! thanx wan for being my 'miss guidance'! hehe! =p actually there's a lot of things pop up in my mind ryte now. juz dunno which 1 to start 1st. lets start wif my fav car, peugeot!!~~ u noe wut. i really badly madly truly like this car tho. dunno wut on earth drives me to love this car but i really2 certain that 1 day im gonna buy a peugeot car =) maybe bcoz of it's lion symbol. it looks awesomely cute to me!!

the latest peugeot 308 GT
a head turner in te street =)

n da recent car model is
peugeot 308 GT baby!! it's a sporty car i must say. n it's sexy and hot! sorry guys if u feel like throwing out. =p im not obsessed of cars like my opposite gender does (really??) but i think i started into cars since diz year. n gez y is that?? u'll be damn surprise if my ans is bcoz of EE n IA business & managemet~~ hek2. wut to do.. as henry miller saying goes "in expanding the field of knowledge.. we but increase the horizon of ignorance" ayte? (yana? y so TOKish??) hehe =p sorry guys. my head is really packed wif those assignments ryte now. can't help it. ok. stop crapping and continue ur story miss liyana!! alryte. actually my mum is da 1 who likes peugeot car THE MOST. think we share diz same taste ever since she mentioned it to me. telya wut. by juz looking at the peugeot cars, they really radiate out sense of excitement and make my soul gravitate wif happiness. (sounds pretty creepy, ayte?) but that's wat happen. oh God.. plz grant me diz car 1 day~~ insyaAllah.. amin =)

miss peugeot freak,
liyana =)