Saturday, October 25, 2008

a day to remember

this is the greatest day ever!!
it was perfect~ 24th oct 2008:




the guardian angel,
liyana (^.^)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

biology is all about life~~ adoi~

today, BT31 biology lab was conducting an experiment on UrInE.. (=.-) erk..

believe me, U DoN't wAnNa KnOw.


hApPy BiRtHdAy~ (^.^) sweet 19

hye dear bloggie!! gez wut?? yesterday was my birthday. im writing it 2day coz i was too busy celebrating it with my dearest classmates yesterday =p haha. i was too tired actually. u know wut?? yesterday was the greatest day ever living here in KMS. haha! well, actually it started at 12.00am on 13th October 2008 (when else do u expected it to happen, ayte?) wif happy birthday messages sent by my dearest fwenz (thanx a lot!! really appreciate em) who remembered my birthday and some birthday calls. (thanx guardian 4 bein da 4th =p). maira, my room8 wished me happy birthday right after i hang up my hp. but it was extremely weird that adibah, my classm8 and also a room8 of mine didn't wish me at all. (hahahaha!! it's very fishy u know.. i can smell something's gonna happen) well, farah did entered my room at that time with wan waited outside, intended to sing a happy birthday song to me all together with other gurlz (this is according to adibah's story) haha. but then after she saw me on the phone, she straight away ran to adibah and asking her about korean drama. hahaha! u're so funny!! i could smell something was fishy around me at that time but i just act normal and u know.. (buat bodo~~) dibah said they would have done it at that time but since we had just got back from our raya break and didn't prepared any surprise yet, so they decided to postpone the party. hahahaha!!!!

after hang up the phone, i felt damn sleepy. so, nyte!~
(p/s: to my guardian, keep ur promise to celebrate my birthday with that small cake ayte! huhu)

it's finally morning~ since it's my birthday, i decided to wear something special. to me, on your birthday, everything is right. =) and the funny thing is, adibah still didn't give up. she didn't wish me happy birthday yet!!haih~~ so i decided to still act like nothing's happen. i wore my last year's raya kurung to class. i believed that maybe my classmates would celebrate my birthday or at least sing me a birthday song in the class. so with a smile i entered the class. but still, nothing happened. haha. but i enjoyed watching their 'lakonan' of pretending didn't remember my birthday (sorry guys) haha. it's really funny i tell u~

the embarrassing moment was when Pn.Khomah entered the class and out of sudden came to me and pointed at my baju kurung. man... she said something like this, huhuhuhuhu... i will not wear this kurung again teacher.. i swear.. (what a start..) and even Pn. Azian said in maths class, "ni apa pakai baju kurung xde pesak ni? xbaca ke buku peraturan? u cannot wear a moden baju kurung.""huiyoo.. ada orang tu pakai baju tunang hari ni.." (huhu.. again...) but i got back ups from rab and wan. rab said "xpe yana. aku sokong kau" and wan said,"yana, kau cun r hari ni." huhuhu.. thanx gurlz!! =)

the funnier thing is when BT31 merged class with M32 during chemistry IRP group discussion tutorial class in the evening. some of the girls wished me happy birthday right in front of dibah and my other dearest classmates. they just simply ignored it and acted like nothing happened man~ waaa~~~ =D u guyz cool =p huahua.. dibah said she was feeling so guilty at that time. hehe

then nothing happened until 5.30pm. jeng3~~ "yana, jom lah kua g the store.. kami nak kua duit nak bayar duit kat datin ni.. and nak bayar yuran jugak...", dibah persuaded me. haha. and the funny thing happened again when gala (rose) kept on entering my room and met dibah straight away and kept on laughing all together. (she never did this before okay??) haha. it's very funny. i just giggled in my bed silently. i couldn't bear to laugh until my lungs out. so i quickly went out of my room and laughed. hahahaha! very funny. i still acted normal and usual..

then at 6pm, dibah, naillah and me went to the the store (since it's my birthday, i put on eye shadow to make it more special. =p) since i didn't get a chance shopping before went back to KMS, i decided to go out and shopping with dibah, and naillah joined us at the 11th hour. at the store, i was crazily shopping and didn't pay attention to what ever happened around me. adibah and naillah were there with me all the time. i spent rm72.90 for i even-dunno-what-i- bought stuffs. haha! it's already almost 7pm. i worried it would be dark outside and we had to go back on feet. so i asked them to go back straight away. but suddenly naillah wanted to buy marry brown. haih~~ so we went there. after a few minutes later dibah wanted to go to ATM machine and i followed her since i wanted to check my balance. while at the ATM machine, adibah suddenly disappeared! i turned around and a crowd in pizza hut caught my eyes. i saw tudung labuh (ehh? macam husna..) and a girl without a shawl inside (u bet who. it's cassy!). that's funny..

i finished off my business and walked slowly with curiosity towards pizza hut. suddenly..
"happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to yana..
happy birthday to you.."

thanx a lot girlz!! what a present surprise!! all of my classmates were there:

(without the 2 helmi(s) of course..huhu.. sorry boys u missed this moment =p)

i was taken in straight away and took my seat. huhu.. i was touched.. the feeling was so indescribable.. thanx a lot gurls.. i love every single of u.. huhu.. (terharu.. terharu..)
everything was already set on the table. they had pizza, soup, coke..etc happy belated birthday to qila =)

the moment was vivacious. every split second was filled with laughter and the most awaited part was finally arrived - they started to reveal their plan of celebrating my birthday. hahahaha~
thanx a lot guys!! this is the best celebration birthday with my fwenz (especially with classmates) ever!

after took some pictures and videos, we headed our way back to KMS.. this is when i spent my time with my gala gurls (enna and rose) and took another video together (like we always do) thanx gurlz!! and also dealing an auckland-business with wan. haha.. we planned to go to australian open when we're at oversea in the future.. insyaAllah.. huhu (angan2~)

when i arrived my room, dibah was being talkative again (thank God) and revealed everything to me. hahaha~

i also received lotsa birthday wishes from my fellow friends, chums, and even family members via sms, mms and phone calls. thanx ya!!! cayang korang!! i even had a great time talked with my big brother who is recently in sabah for an hour~ haha. thanx bro 4 calling! and to all of u who wished me happy birthday, thank you very much ayte!!

to all my classmates yang bersusah-payah celebrating my birthday,
i love u guys a lot!!
u're the best classmates ever!~
thanx a lot 4 everything~ muuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrxxx~~

here goes some pictures of great moments on my birthday:

my birthday 'cake'

with some of my classmates

my entire classmates!!~

my chums : na'illah and adibah

with gala gurls : enna, rose and me =)

my wish:
-semoga saye menjadi seorang insan yang beriman meniti usia (chey2~) and i really hope that i will be a great Biology lecturer in the future.. Aminnn~
-i wanna lead a happy life with my family 4ever~

liyana cayang:

a 19-year-old sweet lady,

-miss Noor Liyana Nouxman-

Saturday, October 11, 2008

cook dinner together =)

surprise! surprise!!~~~

i've neva expected this is gonna happen~ guardian came to my house and we cooked together~
huhu.. seriously we didn't plan 4 it. i just joking invited him to my house. (i didn't really mean it
okay??) and surprisingly he accepted it and went here with Najwa nad Awatif. what a
presently surprise!

i really didn't cook anything yet for dinner. i've 'warned' him that if u're coming over, u hafta help me cook! (so u can't blame me ayte!) hehe. i didn't haf any idea on what to cook. before they
came, i just made strawberry drink and put it in the fridge.

there they came. my guardian straight away rushed to the kitchen with an excited face to cook!
haha! ur so gravitate with passion, weren't u? =) then i decided to make chicken kurma since he
didn't have a chance to taste it before. i sliced the onions but didn't allow him to do it. (u'll cut ur
fingers okay??) he was there standing beside me all the time i cooked!~ (u cooked too - tukang
kacau - hehe).. that's very sweet of u. thanx ya! then we moved on to sweet and sour prawn. i
added some tomatoes ad sliced broccoli in it (which i didn't even tried this before and just added
em in since it looked good. haha) well,it did taste delicious! (ryte guardian?) =) that's not all. i
cooked vegetables some more~ hehe. and added up telur dadar since najwa wanted to eat some
fried eggs. (hope u enjoye it dear)..

it's hot in the kitchen. n kinda sepi. so my guardian turned on his mp3 via handphone. love that
song! - crushed by david archulet. thanx 4 bluetooth it to me ayte! then he took da picture of our dishes cooked by two chefs - and mrs. guardian. hehe (sounds great kan?) =) before we digged in~

awatif said "sedap! sedap!" ur so cute honey! and we enjoyed our dishes while watching a funny
movie at HBO. (i can't remember wut movie..) but it's pretty funny for sure!

we really had a great time having a dinner at my house. hope to see u soon my guardian! i'm goin back 2 KMS 2moro wif lotsa assignments and homeworks undone.. huhu.. (~.~)

thanx a lot for coming over ayte!! since i've taught u to cook, i'm looking forward for ur dishes in
return!!~~ (^.^)

a great cook,
liyana =p

Friday, October 10, 2008

mY OpEn HoUsE =)

hye dear bloggie!! im writing diz str8 away after my guardian went bakk home wif his 2 adorable sys; Najwa n Awatif =)

yesterday we went shopping 2 buy some groceries n ingredients 4 our feast =) huhu. i telya. it's damn tiring tho~~~

u noe. early in the morning, right after subuh prayer, mummy n i rushed into te kitchen to make preparation for our open house. huhu!! we started wif spaggetti 1st. then chicken curry, kuah kacang, nasi impit, saroja rice, sarawak cake(just potong2 jer..huhu) and puding.

at 12.30pm, mum's big boss arrived and the fiesta officially began~ haha..
mum's collegues then made their appearances.. it's juz like a hem party tho =p wif all gurlz loaded our house. but there's also a man among the gurlz;an accountant, mr.chin. guests keep on arriving until 3pm. the last man was en.Ali. thanx 4 comin u guys!! (not to 4get thanx a lot too 4 ur duit raya~ hehe) ^.^

the most interesting part is when my guardian arrived wif Najwa n Awatif. u guys were in white. looked very nice n cute!! (not u guardian. u looked smart. ok? ^.~) thanx 4 showering me compliments of my cookings and bakings ayte!! i really hope u loved em. juz a simple2 cookings anyways.. huhu. then we went out by his brand new persona (it's really a nice car) wif my 2 siblings;Imran and Baby. we took a stroll to Giant after went to Mayfair Optical. thanx a lot my guardian 4 coming over to my house n bringing us makan angin!! really appreciate it n i love it tho!!~~ ^.^
come again next raya ayte!~~~

it's been a very tiring day. but it's worth it!!
diz is the best day ever of my raya. ^.^

(really unwind my stress 4 a while - just simply by forgetting/ignoring my assignments - )

wif love,
liyana =)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

OPEN house = CLOSE books = ?!

OMG~~ got lotsa hmwks n asgmnts..but mum called me juz now saying i hafta help her doin some preparation 4 2mro. huhu.... kinda tension 4 having lotsa thgs 2 do at a tym. but nevamind. since it's gonna m8 her happy, ill do wuteva it takes 2 m8 it happen~
we'r gonna shop 2nyte. i told mum dat i'm gonna make trifle n spaggetti 4, 2nyte i hafta spend/invest/donate my golden tym of finishing last minute hmwk shopping and cooking. huhu.... no hard feelins dear~~
fighting yana!!!~~~

u can do it!!!!!!!

I'm gonna get Better In Time!~ Liyana Leona Lewis...

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through
Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it
Now I realise that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok
Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile 'cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time
I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something there to remind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings
If I'm dreaming don't wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that's the path
I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' to be OK
Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine
Without you
Yes I will


hye dear bloggie!! im kinda busy lately. sorry 4 ignoring u quite a long tym okay?? even tho im damn busy ryte now, but i cant help myself of blogging tho =p arrrggghhhhhhhhhh!!~~ i got lotsa assignments undone man! i started "touching" my assigments and homework on tuesday. =p thanx sabrina 4 comin over 2 my house n did biology subjective biscuit raya wif me! really apprecate it dear! u noe, since im kinda lazy person 2 bring back al sorts of books including thick-bio-book such as raven or even a thin-bio-book such as ib bio book back, i decided to call sabrina 2 'beraya' at my house and did homework 2getha. yet, it's sill undone since she went bak earlier and left me alone to finish up the balance. gez wut? the remains are untouched even till now. huahuahua =p man. a lot of other assignments still untouched man. even tho i borrow dbah's maths 36q ole2 cuti sem, i still dun bother of doin it tho. haha. there's no tym 2 do it now since im focusing on my ee n ia business & management.

talking bout ee, i went to sunway college yesterday to seek some business reference books for my secondary data. thanx a lot guardian!!!!! uv bein so nice 2 me n helped me a lot!!!! im truly appreciate it =) hope u love hershey's choc i gave u ayte!! huhu.. i went there by a cab (thanx driver 4 charging me rm8 4 it!!! huh~) n was immediately welcolmed by my guardian. since i was damn thirsty, my guardian brought me 2 cafeteria n treated me choc milk as i wanted. then we went straight to Tun Hussein Onn library. (kinda tired goin upstairs since the lift was broke down. haih~) i found it quite interesting. it's cold, huge, got lotsa people n it's lively. well, note that i compare it to kms' library ayte.. huhu =p i gotta noe an uganda student named shahid. my guardian told me he is a funny-crazy fwen. yeah. i can see that. haha! =p i also gotta meet some of my guardian's fwenz as well. i didnt talked to em anyway. huhu. but i gotta noe fiza. she's taking business and doin degree now. i asked her bout takeover books. u noe.. there's a lot of business books there. but sumhow i didnt managed to find a specifically growth with take over topics. kinda frustrated and sad since i wanna noe some facts for my ia business. she cudnt help me since she juz started her degree n havent learnt this chapter yet. anyway, thanx fiza 4 ur concern of suggesting me 2 go 2 tailor's college! kinda far away. n i had a limited tym.. huhu.. interesting part was i got quite lotsa facts and informations from the library. thanx a lot~~~~ n im borrowing a business strategy book. this book is awesomely good and interesting!! thanx guardian 4 borrowing me diz book by using ur student's card~ i did my work alone since my guardian had some presentation discussion goin on wif fwens. he dropped by to see me several tyms n helped me searching for books. thanx a lot ayte!! really appreciate it! n another 1, he's seriously jealous of me taking IB and he wanna take IB too even afta looking at me doin lotsa assignments. i told him "dont be crazy ok??" n explained how tention i got doin diz program. surprisingly, he's not buying. boy~~~~ i rarely find a person who really into 'adventuorous n challenging' program even he sees how suffer i am ryte now doin IB. haha =p well, he's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo into business. i've no doubt about it =) i did explained some business concepts and tools to him. hey guardian, ur really into it duncha?? u were so passionate to noe about it. n gez wut? i told him that i still didnt touch my IA business. he said "yana, u teach me everything bout this business topic 4 ur IA n i'll do ur IA 4u". waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!~~~ i wish i cud. hehe! c?? im so proud of u hvg such passion. huahua. i wish i haf such enthusiasm as well =p we went for lunch at 1pm. it's a nice place 2 eat. =) i finished everything (doest mean im finished ee n ia okay?? T.T) at 6.30 n we went for asar prayer b4 headed 2 sunway pyramid n bought J.Co donuts for my family members. wut a tiring day~~~ i reached home at 10.30pm. thanx mum n idane 4 picking me up at 7e~~ huhu..

n today? i juz called peugeot centre n tan chong motor centre. also a dealer of naza. (wahhh!!! bravo yana!!) i asked a lot of things bout 407 n 206 peugeot cars. i said i have interest bout those cars n wanna noe more bout it in detail (of corz i didnt mentioned im doin research man!! r u crazy??) huahuahua =p i got confused with 206 bestari after called FS Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd since it's 1 of 38 dealers of Peugeot. haih~~ so i decided to call bak peugeot centre 4 an explanation!! huahua. i bet dat guy must talk at the back now since i asked a lot about car assembing. u noe. peugeot logo on 206 bestari n naza logo on206 bestari. this is wut i asked him. man. that conversation made my ear turned red since i talked to him more than half an hour. thanx a lot mr. for treating ur 'customer' very well!! he even told me the secrets~~~ lalalala~~ yay!! so sinally i got a primary data via interview with sales person. ill include this in my ia business =) =)

man. i also called adibah ali, luqman, izzul and zatbung asking for a murderer case explanation 4 my tok oral!! argh!! i made an 'appointment' wif izzul 2moro 2 get his explanation regarding the legal side/perspective of this murder case. u noe. iv called luqman. still, i didnt understand his explanation. he's using law language man!!!! how cud u expect me 2 understand? huhu.... im not a law stdnt. if bio language, that's much better =p

haha! wut else i wanna telya, bloggie pie? i think it's enuf already of me crapping a lot! but i wana include anotha fantastic day spending my time at genting highland wif mummy and my guardian. =)

since he neva been there, mummy n i decided 2 bring him. we had a nice day. we ate buffet at a hotel there. since it's raining, we didnt play outdoor. u noe.. at the themepark. huhu.. next tym ayte guardian!!!!!! we also played arcade. boy~ it's so much fun! we played a racing car (he controlled the gear n i drove) =p sorry.. i got 5th place. wut a pathetic racer~ huhu. n we also played tembak2 game. it's fun!! we also had a stroll outside. it's cold and refreshing!!~~ best2!! =) there's a mist goin out of our breath while we'r breathing. =) nice! since it's raining, there's also a thick fog tho on the street. we didnt take a stroll outside then. n another un4gettable part is when we played bowling! man~~~~~ it's freaky! we didnt play well tho. mummy coached us! she's really good in bowling i telya! she shouted at us with her hands showing how our hand should be like while we let go off the bowl. huhu!! it's kinda weird. i played horrifiedly bad. wif out her watching, i played well tho.. haha. =p nevamind. thanx a lot mummy 4 teaching us the basic skills of playing bowling!! we went up and down of genting highlands by cable car. wut a panoramatic scenery. i felt the sence of tranquility.... Allah is Almighty.. HE created a lotsa beautiful things.. tangible n intangible ( do i sounds BUSINESSish??) huhu.. stop crapping miss yana~ seriously.. but since it's raining, thick white mist coated the scenery.. huhu.. yet, it's still beautiful.. wut an unpictured scenery =) how bout raya story?? waa~~ u bet my fingers r already tired 2 type more n bet ur eyes r already tired of reading.. so, i'll post my raya story later ayte!!! gez untill here bloggie pie.. i'll update u when i got free tym ayte! tatata~~~

wanna be free and finish up all homeworks and assignments asap,