Monday, December 15, 2008


hye bloggie!! it has been a week spending time doing nothing at home since i had a fever. i went to some of my dearest friends' blogs and read their posts. something freaks me out!! gosh!! some of them have already done reading malay dramas, currently in running of completing their EE, IA business and even struggling with their TOK essay while me, sitting around doing NOTHING AT ALL yet. huhu.. (it's ok yana.. u had a fever and headache ayte??) yeah. it's true. maybe i can use these 'excuses' to comfort myself ='(
ok yana!!
stop wasting ur time!! u have another semester to go!!! stop dreaming and start working baby!!

so here are the lists of homework and assignments need to be done during this four-week-holiday:
  • read atap genting atap rumbia - make synopsis for every chapter - make the plot
  • read trem bernama desire -make synopsis for every chapter - make the plot
  • distinguish the plots of the three dramas
  • complete your business and management extended essay
  • complete your business and management internal assessment
  • complete your tok essay
  • do mindmap for mathematics started from first sem (how could i make this possible since i dont even bring back any maths book?) haih~~~
  • do mindmap for further organics chemistry(to my dearest DEAWY gurls, we've promised to do this together AFTER the school break ayte? no compromises =))
  • do mindmap for business and management (same like the above description but to make it worse, even me myself as the group leader of DEAWY dont know which chapter should my group do.. huhu.. sorry gurls.. gonna check it out later =p)
anything left friends??? do update me if i left anything behind ayte!! thanx a lot!!

so yana!!!! start reading those dramas (haih~ it's damn boring since the story of atap genting atap rumbia which i currently read now is just about 'cinta terlarang' between 'dua darjat' - orang kaya and orang miskin) to me, it's so lame and i just 'forcing' myself to finish it off for the sake of IB.. so pathetic~~ nevermind. u sure will learn some lessons from it yana!!! (hope so~~)

okie bloggie. im thinking of changing ur template. it's so ordinary and lame tho. even me myself started to feel boring looking at my own page~
get ready for a make over dear bloggie!! hope u'll like ur new 'dress and accessories' (^.^)

fighting gurl,


cleffairy said...

You read novels?

LiYaNa said...
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LiYaNa said...

hye cleffairy!! Practically, yes. Since I am an IB student, it's a requirement to analyze some novels especially for Malay A1 subject. I’ve done with meniti senja, a translated Japan novel into Malay. The author is sawako ariyoshi. I also have analyzed Mr.Gatsby novel which is also translated from english into Malay. The author is f. scott fizgerald. These two novels are fundamental for my world literature essay. These novels expose me to the culture of both respective countries. =) but I used to read love-story novels when I was in secondary school and would love to continue during my leisure time. Unfortunately, I’m so busy right now. Not even have a space to breath =p hey. u're blog is packed with lots of latest issues which I find to be fantastically attention-grabbing. Keep it up ayte!! =)

alicia keys said...

haha..jgn jeles taw..kite dapat khatam drama trem n atap tu due hari je..kite bace dalam kereta time nak pi mlake..n otw balik umah..naseb baek kite bukan jenis yg pening bace buku dalam kereta..

long list huh.
aja aja fighting dear..

LiYaNa said...

hehs. seksa nak menghabiskan novel2 drama tue~~ haih~ semalam pun sampai tertido2 baca. =p

SiextyEight said...

lek aaaaaa yanaaaaa..
my everyday is comics and mangas..
yg bm pnye assignment..aku pnye plot kan?!hahaha..xtau buat,means after hols la jwbnyeeeee...

LiYaNa said...

hey. u punye plot ker? bukan lain ker? sila lah double check dgn miss auni kiter. hehe!!

SiextyEight said...

ouh..laen ek..hahaha..means dat senang sket la kan..owkayh..i'll double check later ek...sry chief!

cleffairy said...

Ohh! I love to read novels too, Yana... however, I hate to do summary or even review... lol... I'm bad at making summaries or even reviews, si thank God that I was in journalism instead of your course. I only get to kecoh around. LOL. Anyway, back to novels. What kind of love stories do you like to read? You read the ones in Malay or the ones in English? I'm more to English side, cuz I'm kinda bad in Bahasa. LOL. So you have to excuse me for that. Ahahaha...

Do you read the traditional paperback books or e-books? I loved to read the normal paperback books, however, books can be pretty expensive. A good novel usually cost no less than Rm30. *sigh* For a bookworm like me, that's a really bad news. So these days, I go for e-books, but they are not as satisfying as the real ones. Currently, I'm hooked with Stephanie Meyer's books... the Twilight Saga... paranormal love story. Not bad, though it's kinda mediocre... let me know if you wanna read it, I can email em to you. :-D

LiYaNa said...

To cleffairy..

Hurm. I used to read Malay’s novels. I’ve never read English ones =p no wonder my English is kind of poor.. huhu.. and u have to excuse me for this too. But I do want to improve it. Like Leona Lewis singing “Better in Time”. hehs. lol
Just recently few of my friends were into twilight novel which they found extremely interesting to read. Gosh!! I never have any idea that it would come out in the cinema as a movie tho. Lol. And the funny thing was I bought the ticket and enjoyed watching that movie. =) it’s a great movie and I love it. Yeah. Why don’t u e-mail me the novel if u got free time? I would love to read it when I’ve finished my IB. =)
e-mail me at Thanx a lot ya! Owh btw, I’ve never been exposed to any e-book. So I’m kind of ‘jakun’. Hehe..

LiYaNa said...

to siexty eight

haa. rajin2 buat assignments and homework!!


p/s: this message is also dedicated to myself. lol

Lil Biruny said...


i never thought that i would encounter your blog when reading hilmi's blog.. btw, nice blog n keep it up.. whatever reason u up too.. i hope it would be beneficial..

feel free to visit my blog at

p/s: i would appreciate if u drop some comments there.. improving our way of thought..

LiYaNa said...

to lil biruny

hye. nice meeting u here. =)
sure. thanx 4d compliment!

ARC said...

aiyoo Sis Cleff is also here? Think that u have all my friends already..

Yana would be glad to read all the twilight sagas u'd given me earlier before haha eventho I know that she won't read it. No time, and the writings arent too cosy to be read.

The E-book ended up being kept in my harddisk after all,

Hmm, yana, if u want those e-book, juz ask me if sis cleff isnt available.


cleffairy said...

o.O Arc... Yana is your friend? LOL... now I tink I know how she sesat in my blog. LOL... must have come thru you. Ahahaha.

cleffairy said...

Oiks... talk to Arc, lupa kat Yana pulak. LOL... okies, I'll email it to you later. Hmm... the movie? It's okay la...I really prefer the book,'s kinda old, I read it since last year... not really into the movie, the movie kinda screwed up the story. Oh, bloody hell!

Here, Yana, you might wanna have a look at the summary of the novel. Wrote it a couple of weeks ago.

ARC said...

Im so gonna buy it this week coz Ive already finished my DEC Reader's Digest a fortnight ago

LiYaNa said...

hello u two~
since when this comment 'page' be a chat room between u guys and me? ahaha~~ kinda funny but hey! thanx a lot 4 'sudi bertandang' to my humble blog =)

to cleff
ahaha~ terkantoi already how i came across to ur page =p nevermind. thanx to asfan anyway.. he made me found an interesting blogger like u =)
owh thanx a lot cleff. i will definately go and visit the summary later.
yeah. about the movie, people who have read the novel wwould have high expectations on the movie but ironically the movie doesnt 'serve' what are expected. hehe.. lucky me then 4 not reading the novel YET.
and thanx cleff 4 tha summary..

to arc aka nama sebenar asfan, =p
hoho.. thanx ye. yeah sure. if i do have time. PLENTY of time after i've done with this IB, insyaAllah will ask those e-book novels from ya. =)

cleffairy said...

LOL... ahemmm... nonid to ask from 'Asfan' ahahahahaha.... I already emailed you the e-book last nite, check your email Yana. Whahahaha... now I know what is his real name. The poor boy is depressed about exam. He said he probably kantoi. LOL.

Ahahahaha...actually, Arc live nearby the place I live only. LOL...maybe one of these days, I can go out and have a drink with him and my husband. LOL.

ARC said...

and y know Sis Cleff? If u live nearby my house, then u should be livin near Yana's house too hahha . P's: Now Im no longer depress about that @@@@@..things happened

Adehh yana has exposed my real name..its ok if it is just sis cleff 2 know dat. I wish to remain anonymous here ok?

Btw yana, I saw Uni of Auckland badge on the sidebar,

and yknow what?

my 3 targets are Otago, Auckland and Canterbury

UQ is under consideration

There's no harm done between my chat and sis cleff kan?haha saje bg nampak banyak comment so people will visit ur blog often

LiYaNa said...

that's great cleffairy =) asfan is kind of 'banyak mulut'. hehs =p u can talk to him all day long. thanx a lot for the e-book!! appreciate it so much!!

to asfan,
owh really? what course are u in? i've asked this q several times already. seems u never bother ='(

ARC said...

me banyak mulut? Hahaha I think, u r talking to a mirror haha

its kinda long story and I just dont have the mood to tell anyone about that.

Anyways, the course I will be taking is not much deviated from yours