Sunday, December 14, 2008

long time no c..

hye my dearest bloggie pie!!! i bet u've missed me damn much ayte?? it's been a long time since my last post. sorry my dear. i was too busy wif my final exam and assignments. u bet IB.. hehe. i really madly truly deeply wanna spend time wif u. (y do i talking to this page?? haih~ nevermind =p)
ok. stop crapping yana!! alryte. actually as usual im gonna summarize any best moments or ordinary moments throughout my last several months 'mute'-ing myself. huhu..

hurm.. im having a fever ryte now. but alhamdullillah, thank you ALLAH for 'grant' me this fever after my final exam. i couldnt imagine how am i gonna get thru my finals if i were like this. (man~~ it's gonna be really2 tough tho!!) i already prescribed my medicines okay?? ( yay!! no1's gonna be mad at me then.) huhu.. and u noe wut bloggie? at the bottle of my ubat batuk, it's written CAUTION!! may cause drowsiness. avoid driving and operating machines. hahaha!! kinda funny but it makes sense tho. even now im feeling so sleepy.. huhu.. but who cares ayte!! i wanna spend my time wif u my bloggie!! actually there are lotsa things i wanna telya. howeever, since im having a fever and always have headache ever since i returned bak from KMS, that's y i didnt find any time to post up my stories.. but hey. im better now. that's why i finally show up =)

hurm.. when thinking of what's the last 'moment' i went thru.. of corz it was my final exam!! huahuahua~~ can u imagine???? finished off sem 1 and sem2's revision in ONE NIGHT and 3rd sem uncovered for MOST of the subjects before entering the hall and sit for the final exam were the most horrifed moments in my whole life time. admittedly, this was the first time ever i sat for an exam UNPREPARED!!! and i really hope this would be the first and the last time ever!!!!!!!!!!! seriously.. my time was packed with completing my all-sort-assignments and the due dates for my last assignment which is IA Maths was A WEEK before my final exam and i really2 couldnt find any time to do my revision. and sincerely, i was already GIVE UP. and i know my result would be the most TERRIBLE ever that me myself couldnt ever imagine of.. huhu.. it's not a prayer but i just let go off my opinion.. haih~~ BUT, i really2 tried my very best tho. studied like crazy and i really think this was the time where i maximumly used my brain!!! hahaha!! sounds funny but it's true. even my brain felt like exploding tho.. nevertheless, i have confident in myself that i would be able to score.. (dats it yana!! always be optimist towards urself k? gudgurl!) for all the subjects, i neglected business the most =p i didnt study at all for paper2(r u crazy???) yeah and just read kak aina's notes for paper1 which is Organix case study (thanx a lot) huhu.. insyaAllah i'll be able to score at least 5 and above for all papers except for MATHS of corz. it's damn hard!!! plus i didnt study for Maths at all started from vector upwards - my 3rd sem topics.. haih~~~ i really hope that i would be able to score more than the minimum requirements which is 35 points. all that matters now is TAWAKKAL. since i've BERUSAHA my very best and put my maximum efforts into this exam!! =)

fiuh~~ end the story of my final exam. gonna overcome this 'bad dream' soon.. huhu..okay. lets move on to other story.. hurm.. let c... yeah. bout aidil adha celebration.. well, nothing so special bout it in my house. just went to opah's house at the night.. and ate raya's dishes such as my fav lemang and rendang.. hurm.. other than that was.. we got meat for free of cuz... i also listened to khutbah and learned some lessons from this celebration.. in a nutshell, it was a very nice day and everything went well =)

other than these two... my ordianary days went on so boring as i just sit around doing nothing and of corz since im having a fever, what do u expect me to do other than lie down and watch TV?? huhu.. but alhamdullillah im getting much2 better now and 'planning' to read malay and do the summary for every chapter like Pn.Hasmah asked us to do so.. and also not to forget to distinguish plots of those 3 dramas.. haih~~~~~ it's ok!! FIGHTING YANA!!!

hurm.. i really dont have any other things that seem interesting to talya my bloggie. i think i've finally came to an end.. till here bloggie.. i promise to update my 'news' to u a.s.a.p whenever i have a story or have encountered a best moment alryte?? tatatata~~~ muahhhrrxxx

wif boring feeling,


ARC said...

Why not giving ur opinion on culture, social, or current issues? I would be glad to read those from u

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Saya sudah baca mesej yang Liyana beri pagi tadi. Siapa sangka ya dapat berjumpa dengan 'Pahlawan Hebat'.

Saya cuba juga mencari e-mel anda dalam blog. Tetapi gagal. Mungkin awak boleh e-mel kepada saya di akmal_hisham@hotmail atau

Harap dapat berbual dengan anda kelak.

Sekian, terima kasih :)

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nice meeting u too =)