Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zety came to my house!!! 17 December 2008

Yeah! That’s what happened today =) Hye bloggie!! I’m so happy today. This is the greatest day for this week!! I got to meet zety, my bestie. She came to my house with her boyfriend, achap deen. Together with dadung and naqi, the foursome and I went to a restaurant and we had a great chit-chat evening together. =)

How nice to meet her after almost more than a year! Sweety, u look gorgeous as u always do =) hehe!! Since we talked a lot, I forgot to take our picture together =’( uhuhu~
I was surprised receiving her call this evening saying she wanna meet me today. This is her first visit to my house!!! (Sorry dear.. u know.. as an IB student.. huhu.. I don’t have enough time even for myself!) Actually she already asked me out several times before, starting from our batch reunion (which I also failed to go since I had kem agama) until karaoke at sogo (since I had final exam.. huhu..). Today, everything pays off =) we finally met and had a great time together. Even now I still miss my bestie!! She’s one of my inspirations. U know.. She has done her ausmat and received her result this morning. She got 89.2 man!!!! Congratulations!! However, the minimum requirement for university’s placement which set up by JPA is 90. No worries honey. U sure can get the placement insyaAllah =) and to achap deen, sure I will pray for ur success too! To dadung, fighting!! We still got another semester to go!! p/s: lucky me I’m not studying in KMB as u are,dadung!! =p hehe..

Well, actually there were lots of things we talked about. Mostly about our friends, beloved KUSSESSians and our memories with them. We also talked about our future and the countries which we are heading to. To all my friends out there, do our best and strive our best okay? I’m kind of envy looking at zety and achap deen since both of them have already done with their AUSMAT man!! I’m still here stuck with this IB program which demands me to always perform above my limit!!! Hehs. Guess everything happens for a reason. Or reasons perhaps =) (ada hikmah tu liyana..huhu) Fine. What ever it is, I have to be strong and always try my very best to achieve the minimum point of 35!! InsyaAllah.. (so yana, u have to work hard for this okay??) okay~ (^.~)

Work hard and study smart. Be the best that you can be.


..alicia-rnro.. said...

yana..can i say sometning here?
bout the font colour u r using 4 diz post..
i hope u dont mind with what i'm going to say..
personally, 4 me the font colour which is white, makes me hard to read those things as the bckground color is pink..

ARC said...

agree with alicia but y know? pink is Yana's nature..cant really say anything bout that.. haha yana jangan terasa eh?u mmg ske pink kan?

Yana: u r at home n still studying?ouchhh. About course that Im taking now, I will find 1 time to tell u the whole epic hehe