Saturday, January 31, 2009

a must read post!! =)

Hi bloggie and all my beloved friends! I know it has been a long time not updating my post. Im damn busy (since this IB is not over yet) finishing my last draft IA,EE,TOK and completing my mindmaps, etc. Even to spend half an hour posting up stories, to me it would be such a waste of time! Hehs. So, what on earth has driven me to do so this time? Well, actually, it’s hard to mention that i had lost my laptop since it’s taken away by unknown damn mean robbers. (these creatures are so shitty i must say.. really wish to ‘meet’ them on the day of judgement. sheesshh) unfortunately, i can’t put all the blames on them since i was the one who left my laptop at the back sit in the car while accompanying baby to school with mummy just for a while. So, thanx a lot to them, i lost all my bio and chem IAs, have to redo my appendix part for my EE and etc.

p/s: a sincere appreciation goes to my beloved mentor, Madam Rahimah for making an effort to buy me a new laptop – a sponsorship from KMS which i currently borrow and use to type this post.

There are a lot of things that i learnt and experienced throughout my i-don’t-post-up-any-posts time. (sorry guys who patiently wait for my updates and thanx 4 your attention) i went to flyhigh with my friends and got to learn a lot from the seniors abroad. Here is when i got to know that freedom is gonna be the greatest challenge once we step our feet there. Also, a lot of guidance regarding hukum2 solat etc were taught to us. Overall, i would like to give 5 stars for their magnificent full-of-informative camp.

Next, it has been 3 times i went for Islamic talk regarding gaza issue. I feel sorry for my brothers and sisters who live in Palestine. Zionist wants to establish their own country whereby US would help them to make it possible by creating a new world map with their country named in. Here, i would like to stress out that the holocaust at gaza is one of the agenda to create their country – by vanishing the Muslims. Even now, the US provides armanda laut ke-7 (i don’t remember the English term, sorry) guarding the Mediterranean sea – which this huge army can even musnahkan seluruh Russia. Can u imagine how cruel and strong they are? Holocaust our brothers and sisters there? What drives me sad the most is even their neighbouring country hesitates to help by opening the gate. Only once a day for merely few hours, which i understood that only a rescue van can pass for a day to help millions of injured Palestinians. All foods and medicines cant get in easily and there are hundreds of rescue-vans queue in front of the gate, and sadly, an injured person has to cut off his leg in order to prevent the bacteria from further infecting other parts of the body. Here, i would like open ur eyes that the issue at gaza is only an eye-blinding agenda by the Zionist to alter the world attention on masjidil aqsa, where our prophet went through israk mikraj that we celebrate every year, a place of the 1st qiblat, 2nd most holy land, and 3rd most pahala muslims will get when performing their solat there (500x). This is a crucial time whereby the Zionist wants to build soleman temple and their archaeologists are trying at their best to find any left-over evidence of their haykal. (if im not mistaken. Correct me if im wrong). Here, they also believe that their penyelamat akan turun to rescue them. That’s why they are eager to build the temple and would patiently wait for that person to come down, saving them. The impact? Our masjidil aqsa will collapse if there is no efforts to rescue it!!!!!!!!! To all muslims, do boycott the Israeli products and please donate your money and always pray for them. Qunut nazillah would be best to be recited for them. There are some other facts and information that i know but i think these are among the vital things to share with.

Semoga Allah swt selamatkan penduduk Palestin dan lindungi mereka dan selamatkan masjidil aqsa. Amin..

Alhamdulliah, i got my result for my final 3rd sem exam. The points are still the same as my 2nd sem; 36. Huhu.. Although i didn’t finished study for every subject, i manage to pass the requirement. I think i’ve done my very best, study like crazy at the eleventh hour. Thank you Allah for granting me this.. i promise to try my best and study harder and finish all the topics in each subject before sitting my IB final exam!! Gosh. This would be the first and last exam which i sat unprepared!! insyaAllah.. Fighting yana!!!~~

Okie bloggie and friends.. i think that’s all. Gonna update my post whenever i have free time later. Sorry if any of words posted is harshed to anybody.

p/s: please pray for me that i will be able to fly to new Zealand too.. congratulations to sya, my guardian and my bestie, zety who will be going to Melbourne university and the university of south Australia respectively this upcoming 15th February.. not to forget to lokman, on 7th feb.. all the best to all of u!! =)